Alexander Venter 2013Alexander F Venter’s blog is the product of his teaching ministry starting from January 1975 when he was ordained to ‘the ministry’ as a church planter and pastor. His years of experience, empowered by numerous significant relationships, has produced relevant resources in the form of teaching notes, audios, DVDs and books – to help all who want to follow Jesus, with a view to equipping them for life and ministry in God’s Kingdom. As a “teacher of God’s Word instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven, he brings out treasures from his storeroom, both old and new” (Matthew 13:52). This website makes some of these Kingdom treasures available to all who may be interested.

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    This is an unreferenced overview of a longer summary of my response. How do we/should we respond to the horror of what happened on 7 October 2023 (10/7) in southern Israel and now the war in Gaza and other Palestinian areas? I respond consciously as a follower of Jesus, from his worldview of God’s kingdom…


    ABSTRACT (brief description of this paper, which is an expansion of my overview): How do we/should we respond to what happened on October 7 (10/7) and the war that has followed? Process it emotionally. Examine what happened, including the context and causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sift the tsunami of information, disinformation, fake news, and…

  • 3. HUMAN IDENTITY:  Paul on New Creation Identity

    This is the third and final talk on Human Identity, with the teaching notes that focus on Paul’s idea of ‘New Creation Identity in Christ’, and what that means for us today.

  • 2. HUMAN IDENTITY:  Found in Jesus’ Human Identity

    The second of three talks focuses on Jesus’ human identity, in which we find our (new) identity as God’s Beloved daughter or son. The New Testament reframes human identity in the New Creation…

  • 1. HUMAN IDENTITY:  Creation Design & The Fall

    The first of three teachings on Human Identity, deals with God’s creation design in terms of how God identifies us in creation. And then how ‘The Fall’ of humanity into sin leads to broken and false identity.

  • Reliving Jesus’ Resurrection & Seven Sayings

    Passover meal (Pesach) is the oldest Jewish feasts observed every year for over 35 centuries based on YHWH’s command to remember their deliverance (Exodus) from Egypt through blood sacrifice (Ex 13:3-10) – when the angel of death “passed over” the houses that had the blood of the lamb on the door lintels.

  • Blessing Same Sex Couples – The Big Church Split?

    I’ve been asked to give my view on the recent split in the Anglican Church over allowing clergy to bless same sex legal unions. Here is my response. It is a prophetic warning to all churches to proactively face this issue.

  • ‘Neutrality’ in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict?

    Can anyone be ‘neutral’ in regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? The South African government’s hypocrisy in so-called neutrality is unmasked. As a spiritual leader I must speak out loud and clear.

  • Discernment

    What, above all else, do you need and want most in life? What would you ask God for? Solomon asked for discerning wisdom. This is, arguably, our greatest need in the world today.

  • Those who Grasp for Power

    Grasping for power divides people, especially leaders. It reveals character – both bad and good character. That is the essence of my biblical meditation this morning. You’re welcome to read the detail.

  • Prayer as The Way of Silence

    Prayer is the way of solitude and silence with God, greatly needed in our world of distraction and drivenness. Alexander explains the essence and significance of prayer as the way of stillness with God.

  • God became human: How does that make you FEEL?

    The Christmas story of God becoming human in (baby) Jesus makes us feel profoundly accepted and loved. God dignifies our body and personhood by becoming one of us