Spirituality and Discipleship – Equipping for Life Series 301 (6 teachings Flash Movie)


Six teachings of Discipleship and Spirituality 301 is the third core course in the HELP discipleship program. They address our relationship with God, our devotional life and progressive character transformation into Christlikeness

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Discipleship and Spirituality 301 is an introduction to what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus—a true Christ-follower in the pursuit of Christlikeness (commonly called ‘spirituality’). The concepts of discipleship and spirituality are carefully defined and unpacked and the spiritual traditions in Church history are looked at. Alexander then examines how God transforms us into the image of His Son—and our part in that process through practicing the classic disciplines for the spiritual life. Then the spiritual disciplines themselves are discussed, one by one, leading to pointers for a life-plan, and hopefully a lifestyle, of ‘spiritual training’ in order to be fit for life and rule in the Kingdom of the Heavens—both for now and for eternity


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