Doing Church: Building From The Bottom Up (Kindle eBook)


Doing Church is a Kindle ebook describing how to develop and implement, step by step, a well thought-through ‘philosophy of ministry’—a particular way of doing church, ministry and leadership (a values-based approach)

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Doing Church is Alexander’s first full-length Kindle ebook. Having worked closely with John Wimber (the founder/leader of the Vineyard churches) as his research assistant in 1982, Alexander systematically lays out Wimber’s view of church from the perspective of the theology of the Kingdom of God. He discusses how to develop a philosophy of ministry by ‘building from the bottom up’: Defining the church’s purpose (mission and vision), clarifying the core values, establishing the priorities, modelling the practices, choosing the personnel (workers and leaders), and implementing the programs. Although written from a Vineyard perspective, this book will be of great benefit to anyone who is interested in church, in how to do leadership and ministry from the framework and values of the Kingdom of God


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