Dying Well (6 teachings MP3 set)


Six talks based on Alexander’s experience of caring for his mother through her death process. It deals with living well to die well, and the biblical understanding of death and the after-life

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This series was inspired by the death of Alexander’s mother, Helga Venter. The talks are personal and comforting, insightful and challenging, and Alexander has dedicated them to the memory of his mother. Death comes to all of us, but we do not have to fear it. We can die well—both in terms of our physical death and the many deaths we undergo in various aspects of our lives. Dying well depends on whether we live well and trust God’s perspective of ultimate reality. Alexander teaches on a Christian view of death, the importance of the resurrection of our bodies, facing God’s judgement, what the afterlife is all about, and how we ought to respond to this reality. He concludes these talks with a discussion on the death process, with Jesus as our model for learning to die well


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