Doing Healing: Basic Equipping Course (6 teachings MP3 set)


Alexander Venter presents six teachings, drawn from his book Doing Healing, as a basic training course for all Christians to learn how to minister healing in the Name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit

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These six teachings were designed and presented as a basic training course on how to minister divine healing—the wholeness (or Shalom) of God’s Kingdom. Alexander first shares his personal story in regard to his struggle with sickness and healing, and defines basic terms and understandings (talk one). Then he expounds the theology of the Kingdom of God as the biblical basis for Christian healing ministry (talk two). He illustrates how to receive and minister the Kingdom (God’s wholeness) through Jesus’ earthly ministry (talk three), and how Jesus transferred and imparted his Kingdom ministry to his followers, the church (talk four). Then a practical Five Step Ordinary Believer Model of ministry is presented (talk five), concluding with an important teaching on how we hear God, develop sensitivity to the Spirit and his gifts, and discern spiritual phenomena in healing ministry


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