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Ethopian Trip – Easter Weekend

Over the past few weeks I have been part of a flurry of emails regarding the Vineyard churches in Ethiopia. A situation of unresolved conflict has arisen. The short story is that they – with the international Vineyard partners – have asked me to come and help mediate resolution, and to gather all the leaders and teach on biblical leadership and teamwork. Another African leader from Kenya is coming with me, and maybe an international partner as well. I leave on Thurs 21 April and we’ll do a leadership conference on Friday and Saturday – with meetings to resolve the conflict – and we will do the Sunday services in the local Vineyard church, then fly home Monday 25 April.

The weekend after that (29 April to 1 May) the full leadership team of Maseru United Church (Lesotho) are travelling to the Retreat House at The Field for me to lead them on issues of a spirituality of leadership and ministry.

So it’s a really busy time again for me! Again, I so value your partnership in prayer for my health and strength, for God’s wisdom and anointing in ministry, leadership and teaching, as I engage in these travels and conferences.

Thank you! From Alexander and Gill.

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