Doing Reconciliation (5 teachings Flash Movies)


Five talks are based on Alexander Venter’s book Doing Reconciliation, drawn from his story of struggle for justice in Apartheid South Africa, giving biblical and practical perspectives on racism, reconciliation and transformation in church and society

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Alexander’s five talks are aimed at sharing an overarching vision of God’s great reconciling work from creation to Kingdom come, from both a biblical and practical modern perspective. He shares his own story, and that of the miraculous change in Apartheid South Africa in 1994 (talk one). The Old Testament background and meaning of reconciliation is laid out (talk two) as preparation for the coming of God’s Kingdom of Reconciliation and Transformation in the New Testament, with examples from Jesus’ life and ministry (talk three). Then Alexander discusses Pauls’ Gospel Mandate to cross all dividing barriers in society (talk four), concluding with practical models of reconciliation and how we can work for transformation in society (talk five)


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