Ministry Gifts – Equipping for Life Series 401 (6 teachings MP3 set)


Six teachings in the fourth core course in the HELP discipleship program, focussing on personal calling and life passion, the gift-mix and our functioning with God’s faith community and world

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Ministry and Gifts 401 is a six tape series of talks that introduces you to the understanding of Church as a gift-based organism—not a committee-run organisation! Every follower of Jesus has a specific calling and a cluster of supernatural gifts given by God for the growth of the Church and the salvation of the world. This course is about discovering your particular calling in life, your mix of gifts for ministry, and your personal social style. We also look at ‘ministering the Kingdom’—healing people in the power of Jesus’ Spirit—a la Vineyard style! Alexander gives solid Biblical teaching and practical insights in covering the following:
The why of ministry—service and servanthood
The where—discerning our calling and passion
The what—discovering our gifts and ministries
The how—about love and personal social styles
The Jesus model of ministering the Kingdom of God


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