Spiritual Formation (6 teachings MP3 set)


Spiritual Formation is six teachings expounding 1 and 2 Timothy – Paul’s instructions to a young pastor on how to form and transform is own life, and the lives of his followers, into becoming the kind of person God wants, as a powerful witness to this world

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These six talks were done at a Vineyard Pastors Retreat in April 2001. Alexander addresses the all-important subject of Spiritual Formation as it applies to pastors and leaders and to the Church in general (the average Christian, not only leaders, will benefit enormously from these teachings). The current crisis in our world is mirrored in the powerlessness of the Church. One of the major reasons for this is the serious lack of spiritual formation into Christlikeness in pastors and leaders, and in the average Church member. Our only real hope is a transformation of our hearts, and the formation of our characters to reflect the presence and power of our Lord in this world. Alexander integrates insights from Dallas Willard, Eugene Petersen and Henri Nouwen while he expounds 1 & 2 Timothy—Paul’s instructions to the young pastor in Ephesus (63-68 AD). The key issue is: what is the central calling and work of the pastor/leader? The answer is the spiritual formation of his/her own life and that of the people they lead. And how do we do this? Paul gives four clear priorities (‘pillars’) to incarnate truth and ‘godliness’:
Prayer and worship
Leadership and Equipping
Truth—the Word and Life
Relationships and Formation


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