Second Coming (6 teachings MP3 set)


Alexander Venter presents six teachings on the biblical view of how this age will come to an end when Messiah Jesus returns to earth to set up his rule and reign. Alexander deals with the key aspects of ‘eschatology’, the study of the end as scripture sees it

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Approaching the year 2000 everyone was fascinated with the end of the world (and it did not come!) Will the world really end? If so, when will it end? What will the ‘end times’ or ‘latter days’ look like? When and how will Jesus come? Alexander addresses the frequently asked questions in these 6 talks given in his local church in early 2003. Working from Matthew 24 as the basic passage, he develops a systematic teaching of the end times and the Second Coming of Jesus. There is much confusion because of various speculative teachings within Christian circles on this issue—especially the ‘pre-tribulation rapture’ theory. Alexander carefully explains the scriptures to show that the ‘pretrib rapture’ Second Coming cannot be taken as Biblical. The simple teachings of Jesus, Paul and John reveal a clear Framework of (a) the build up of ‘the signs of the times’ to (b) the ‘Great Tribulation’ and then (c) the Second Coming of Jesus (and the ‘rapture’) and then (d) the millennial reign of Messiah and the subsequent new heavens and new earth and eternal ages. These studies are not only Biblical but related to the current international context—they will challenge and hopefully clarify your thinking and equip you with the Biblical worldview to live in the light if Jesus’ Coming


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