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Feedback from Teaching at Global School of Supernatural Ministry

In late July I went to Umhlanga Rocks in Durban at the invitation of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry. There were about 15 students who are doing a one year program. I was invited to lecture one day on “Doing Reconciliation” (racial, economic and gender reconciliation) and then three days teaching on “Doing Healing” – as in what I call The Six Dimensions of Healing:

1) Spiritual sickness and healing,

2) Psycho-emotional damage and healing,

3) Deliverance from demonizations,

4) Physical healing, 5) Relational healing, and 6) healing of Death and Dying.

We had a blast!! Some wonderful power encounters with God’s healing presence! I really enjoyed teaching the students – they were hungry for God’s Word and wide open to his Spirit and soooo wanting God to heal them during ministry time. It’s always a privilege and honor to see God touching people with restoration toward wholeness.

I asked the administrator for any feedback from the students, and this is what she sent me this week (better late than never she said!!) I want to share this with all my praying friends, to show how God answers prayer and works through his Word and Spirit, for HIS glory….

  • The most impactful teaching was on Reconciliation…the way he spoke freely about it was powerful.
  • As he taught on reconciliation I started recognizing racism in my own heart and so it really challenged my heart.
  • I loved the teaching on taking communion
  • The teaching on dying and death touched me…ushering the dying into the presence of God and into eternity…powerful
  • The teaching on wholistic healing was most impactful for me…I had always separated physical, emotional, inner healing and all…but I see God’s desire to make people whole.
  • Felt a shifting when we did one of the healing sessions for ourselves
  • I loved his transparency…being real…even shedding tears of compassion.  His honesty and saying things exactly how they are, is so good.  He is a blessing.
  • His humility is worth a thousand words.
  • Thank you for the practical application pieces to your teachings
  • As he taught, I experienced A LOT of healing in my life…cannot even put it all into writing…I continue on my journey to wholeness
  • There were a few things that needed to come out of the closet.  I felt safe sharing them with him and found freedom in Christ.

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