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Prayer Request: Following Jesus to Netherlands & USA

Today, Wednesday 5 Sept, Gill and I fly to the Netherlands and the US to teach at the Vineyard Leadership Institute. VLI operates in both Europe and the US. I will be lecturing a few courses: Healing 1 (Equipping to Minister Healing in the Power of the Spirit) and Healing 2 (Receiving Healing in Six Dimensions), and Doing Reconciliation (The Gospel Mandate of Reconciliation in regard to social transformation, and specifically in regard to racism, classism and sexism). This will be besides ministering at the weekend services in Amsterdam Vineyard, and in Columbus Vineyard in Ohio, USA.

I want to share our itinerary and preaching/lecturing times (below) as a request for prayer – and this schedule includes our trip to do a weekend conference at Newton Park Methodist Church and to speak at the Vineyard National Conference in Port Elizabeth at the end of September. I will be stretched to the outside limit of my stamina in taking on this intense teaching and traveling schedule (Gill has berated me for accepting so my commitments!! But she is traveling with me as a support and especially to keep me in check!! Help me Jesus!!)

So we covet your prayers for God’s protection and supernatural strength, stamina and good health. And of course pray that God may anoint me to teach his Word with great boldness and authority, and that he will stretch out his hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders in the name of his holy servant Jesus (Acts 4:29-30). Thank you! We are very grateful for prayer – we can do nothing without Jesus!

Sept 5: Fly to Amsterdam.

Sept 7: Travel to Antwerp (Belgium) and begin teaching at Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI) on Fri 1930-2200 Healing 1.

Sept 8: Continue teaching Healing course 1000-1230, 1430-1700, 1900-2100.

Sept 9: Preach Sunday service at Amsterdam Vineyard 1100-1230.

Sept 10:  Fly and arrive in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Sept 11:  Teach Healing 1 at VLI, Lecture 1, 1900-2130.

Sept 12:  Teach Doing Reconciliation 1300-1600.

Sept 13:  Continue teaching Doing Reconciliation 1300-1600.

Sept 14:  Teach Friday night gathering of the leaders of all the Columbus Vineyard’s Small Groups – about 300 of them!! 1900-2130.

Sept 15-16:  Teach Healing 2, Saturday 0900-1600, Sunday 1400-1900.

Sept 15-16: Preach three weekend services, Sat 1900-2100, Sun 0800-0930, 1030-1200.

Sept 18:  Teach Healing 1, Lecture 2, 1900-2130.

Sept 19:  Pre-tape Healing 1, Lecture 3.  1900-2130.

Sept 20:  Pre-tape Healing 1, Lecture 4, 1900-2130.

Sept 21:  Teach at Holy Spirit Empowerment Evening for the church members – and lead ministry in the Spirit, 1930-2100.

Sept 23:  Depart Columbus and arrive home on 25th Sept

Sept 28: Fly to Port Elizabeth to do “New Wine Weekend Conference” with Newton Park Methodist Church… beings Fri 1900-2130 Session 1.

Sept 29: 0900-1230: Session 2 & 3; and 1900-2100 Session 4.

Sept 30: preach the Sunday services, 0800-0930 and 1000-1130.

Oct 1-4: The National Vineyard Conference in PE, I’m teaching Tues, Wed and Thurs the “Word Encounter” from 0900-1000. I’m doing “Lectio Divina” which is an experiential encounter with God’s Word.

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  1. Will be praying for you both that the Spirit of the Lord will carry you though this journey refreshing you daily, giveing you strength and inspiration both to youself and to others.

    Thankyou for your commitment Alexander.

    Blessings Veronica.

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